Thursday, July 07, 2005

Defense looming...and then--VACATION!

Mr./soon to be Dr./ B is finishing his talk, which he will give on Friday to defend his PhD thesis. He is nervous, though most people assure him that this is merely a formality, and that he is very good at what he does anyway, but it is his nature to be worried and nervous about it, and everything else! When he doesn't have anything to worry about, he worries about that. It's a difficult time for him, so I am doing my best to be supportive, and to stay out of his way whenever he needs time alone. I am not teaching again until Tuesday, so now the plan is to prepare the food for the defense.

Traditionally people offer cookies, but I like to do something a little different. B loves to grill (this is genetic--his family requires it--that and the love of movies with popcorn), so I am thinking of a grilled menu: chicken saté, grilled eggplant dip with grilled pitas, grilled veggies (peppers, tomatoes, onions) with olive oil and fresh herbs, and grilled pineapple (dipped in coconut milk, cinnamon and brown sugar.)

Who knows? Maybe I'll give up and just buy Oreos.

The morning after his defense, we leave Madison for Chicago, where we'll hop a plane to visit some dear friends of ours in the Big Easy, New Orleans. This is his birthday/graduation/defense/anniversary present (and a present to me, too). As long as the hurricane doesn't cause too much trouble, it should be a really fun weekend. We love New Orleans; spent our honeymoon there, and returned on our 5th anniversary. Our 10th will be in Paris, so we will celebrate the second 5-year mark a little early.

I plan to eat my way through the French Quarter--the broccoli will be here when we return! Hello, Jambalaya!



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