Sunday, July 17, 2005

Got an OK to do a yard sale, so have begun the sorting process (and packing of things we don't use daily, like china, crystal, etc.) Amazing how much junk you accumulate over time. And really amazing how little you care about it when you know you'll have to pay to store it!

On the bright side, a friend who also had a Honda went to sell his and it sold in a week. We are hoping for the same, and will use that $ for paying for the storage unit. Pointless to own a car in Paris, from what I understand. Ah Honda, you have served us well...

Loving my new weather pixies--check them out! Very exciting--I can't wait to see them change clothes! (Boy, I have an exciting life.)

Missed the Harry Potter unveiling, and sorry to miss it SMG actors. I am sure it was awesome. Going to buy my copy today.

Did to go Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman Begins at the Highway 18 outdoor theatre with friends. So much fun! A Drive in movie (felt very "Grease!"), greasy food (love the mozzarella sticks!) and a double feature for $7/adult. Fun was had by all. Have to do that again before we go.

Only 6 weeks--yikes!



At 5:02 PM, July 18, 2005, Blogger LMS in N.D. said...

Glad you enjoyed going to the drive-in. Williston, ND is also one of the few places left with a drive-in movie theater. It's such fun when we get a chance to go, which isn't often with young children and late, late sunsets. It's still 10:00 p.m. when the sun goes down here, although I love it when the sun sets late. I'm not an early riser!


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