Thursday, August 18, 2005

Crazy storms happening today--lots of rain and several tornadoes in the area. Right now they are reporting about 5 or 6 tornadoes at this very second--pretty crazy. Not fun! Of course, we were driving and unloading a truck full and everything got completely soaked, including us. Not fun carrying sopping cardboard boxes through pouring rain in flip flops. I just about flip flopped myself when I slipped on the water in the hallway of our storage unit. They are reporting quite a bit of damage, including the roof being ripped off the nursing home in Spring Green, where Dr. B is working this summer. I hope his company is OK. Yikes-- flying glass!

We had Dr. B's parents here Tues-Wed. and they helped a lot with packing and moving things into our storage unit. Sis is coming tomorrow, and I'll put her to work, too. We're making pretty good progress, but there is so much to do. Got some of our services (phone, electric, cell) cancelled today. Dr. B rented an SUV to drive us to Chicago on the big day. The ToDo list just keeps growing, though!

Off tonight to celebrate Mrs. Rutherford's birthday--as long as the tornado doesn't take out the downtown area!!! Happy Birthday, Mrs. R!!!



At 11:29 AM, August 19, 2005, Anonymous Maitri said...

Will your stuff remain safe and intact if you store them in wet boxes? Just wondering.

It's 105 here today and the sky just opened up to unleash bucketloads of water.

The cousins are here and we're gearing up for the big partAY tomorrow night. Wish you were here!

Stay safe!


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