Thursday, August 25, 2005

Well, we officially have no furniture. And camp mattresses do improve the sleep on a rough campsite in rural Menomonie, but leave much to be desired in comparison to a comfy mattress--neither of us woke up feeling refreshed this morning. Could be partly because we didn't get to bed until midnight, but the lamb burgers and fried cheese curds at Dotty Dumpling's Dowry made up for it.

I drove Dr. B to pick up the rental car at 7AM (I was bushy-tailed, but definitely not bright-eyed!) Now, after a breakfast of coffee, a scrambled egg, canadian bacon, and munster cheese on toast breakfast sandwich (made by yours truly) and some leftover fruit salad, I am now ready to face the day. OK, not really ready, but I have no desire to crawl back into that camp mattress bed.

Today the plan is to take the sleeping bags to the laundromat (to try to get rid of the musty smell), clean up all the little junk and box it up, load the truck and take over some of the little junk before we lose the truck Friday at 4 PM, and pack some books for mailing to France.

Maybe I'll also get around to sorting all our papers for France, and loading more CD's on to the computer for the iPods.

Dinner tonight at Gail's, tomorrow a SMG party, Saturday dinner at Christine's, Jeff and Shalynn will be here (sleeping on our guest room floor because there is no bed)--think we're busy enough?

Ah well--all the "hardships" will be worth it. We're moving to Paris!



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