Thursday, September 22, 2005

I had a lovely afternoon today, spent at a wine and cheese tasting at author Harriet Welty Rochefort's home in Paris. She is a delight, and the party was such fun! We tried 14 cheeses and 5 wines, followed by salad, bread, and several dessert choices. Some of my favorite cheeses included Roquefort Carl (sp?)--a sharp, piquant blue cheese, Mimolette (fairly old)--a bright orange, dry and nutty cheese, Cancoillotte (a runny, creamy cheese with a texture like vanilla icing) and Brillat-Savarin, which was smooth, creamy and buttery. She told us quite a bit about how cheese is enjoyed in France. I am looking forward to a trip to the "Fromagerie" for some new delights! (Yes, Wisconsin is not the only place where there are stores just for cheese!) Here is a photo of her and myself in her garden.

Please check out her website and her books French Toast, and French Fried. . Even if you never plan to go to France, they are a trip to read! French Toast is about french culture, and French Fried is all about the food!!! I'll be anxiously awaiting her next project.

Upon returning home, Lucy was very quick to let me know that it was TIME TO GO OUT. So, we took a walk down l'Avenue de l'Hôpital, across the Boulevard de Saint Marcel, and up Gobelins. She is starting to be recognized in the neighborhood now, and is getting many more approving glances, rather than fearful ones. I still speak to her in English, but she can tell from others' tones of voice when they like her, and she wags her tail happily. (Of course, I never quite know how much of what I say to her she actually understands!) We did meet a large German Shepherd on St. Marcel, but he was working as a security dog, and couldn't take the time to play. Lucy doesn't quite understand this, and proceeded to whine as I dragged her across the street. She has really started to enjoy the fact that she can go into businesses and stores with me, but now she tries to go in every open door she sees. She has also developed a healthy curiosity about what goes on underneath Paris in the Metro--I have to pull her away from the entrances with quite a bit of force!

Tomorrow I have my first day learning about my new job. I will be working part-time taking care of two young girls, P and C, after school before their parents get home. They are also music students, so I hope to help them some with their music, and they are learning English at school. While they help me with my French, I can help them with their English--quite a fair deal! I am very much looking forward to getting to know them.

This weekend, our friend S is going to visit us from the banlieue (suburbs). We met her while staying at the lab's guest house. I am searching the "Pariscope" magazine for fun things to do. Maybe a concert and a picnic while the weather is still nice...of course there are always museums...and lovely parks...or a river cruise...

À demain (until tomorrow)...



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