Wednesday, October 12, 2005

AAAAH-ree paw -TAIR!!!

Today was a special day at work. I promised the girls, that if they
were done with all their homework on Tuesday (they do not have school
Wednesday, so often get a lot, but don't do it until Wednesday), that
after their modelage (ceramics) and music lessons, we could watch
Harry Potter 3 on DVD on my laptop.

They were very excited about it. We discussed it at lunch with their
music teacher. When I told her what movie we were watching, she had
no idea what I said.

That is, until I croaked it out with a horribly awful fake-french

AAAAAH-ree paw-TAIR!

Oh! Mais bien sur!


So, we pulled the curtains in their parents' bedroom (our petite
cinema), we all sat on the bed, and turned out the lights for HP3
(the Prisoner of Azkaban) in Quebecois French.

Very interesting. I also made a pan of popcorn with lots of butter
and salt (gotta do it right), and we munched and watched (and watched
the special features) until their parents got home at 7:45.

Quite an enjoyable afternoon.



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