Saturday, October 08, 2005


After a long, much-enjoyed talk with my friend R in Germany last
night, Dr. B and I headed out to find something to eat. Since it was
10 PM by that time, he was quite cranky. We ended up nearby at a
Spanish restaurant called Café Loma.

Wonderful! There is something really, really cool about a town where
you can have a great meal for so little. The decor was absolutely
beautiful, with golden yellow plaster walls, dark wood, Spanish ads
framed and hanging everywhere, and red lamps, plants, little lights--
very modern and cozy. And they had a "non-smoking" section (ok, it
wasn't a seperate room or anything, but we weren't bothered by anyone
smoking, so it's all good.)

We both had the 17€ menu, which gave us Sangria, 1 tapas of our
choice, one plat du jour, dessert and coffee. Gotta love all that
for only 17 €.

He had the feuilleté au jambon serrano (serrano ham in little pastry
shells, fried until crispy) and I had the calamar au riojana (squid
in red wine and tomato sauce) as tapas.

For our plats, his was Arroz Marinero (rice with a variety of seafood
and peas and spices) while I went for the Sole Tropicale au Four
(baked sole fish in a tropical sauce with rice and green beans).

Dessert was "Copa Lola" which was a peach, sliced up and covered in
some sweet, syrupy liqueur, then covered with sweet, thick and rich
cream infused with vanilla.

Followed by espresso.


Try finding all of that in the US for less than 20 bucks. Not easy.
Another reason why I love France!



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