Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do I dress like an American?

Today I had an interesting experience.

You see, usually, until I open my mouth at least, people don't assume
I am American. They know I am not french (I am far too blonde and
pale and tall to be French), but they don't know where I am from, and
they don't assume the good ol' USA.

I don't dress like what they think of as typically American, ie:
Baggy jeans
T-shirts (big, baggy ones with writing on them)
white socks
tennis shoes (does not include the Paris-cool Converse All-Stars or
the "Retro Sneaks"--these are acceptable)
baseball caps
fanny packs
camera around the neck
khaki pants

No, I wear things that are a little teeny bit more French, like
jackets, fitted jeans, scarves, and dressier shoes. I always have--
this was normal for me in North Dakota and Wisconsin, too.

So today, when I looked outside and saw it was cool, I decided to top
my trouser-jeans (cut like trousers, made of denim) with a white
collared button-down shirt, red wool sweater, and navy courderoy
blazer. With dark socks and brown shoes, I figured I looked OK. I
even left the scarf behind, thinking I didn't really need it.

And, as we went to board the 14 metro line to head back to the girls'
apartment from the 4th arrondissement to the 13th, a man approached
us and immediately spoke to me in English.

I have no idea why.

Dr. B thinks maybe I looked British. What does that mean?

I am quite confused.

Tomorrow, I am wearing a scarf.



At 7:22 PM, October 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The girls and I would fit right in in Paris then....dress much the same as you. Think what you described is the typical college age tourist working his way through Paris and such. Come to think of it when we went to Paris no one assumed we were Americans also.....course we had our good Canadian relatives with us....maybe that was it....Bobbie


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