Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gypsy Concert: Friday Night in Paris

Met our friend, S, and went near the Centre Georges Pompidou for a
concert of a gypsy band in a club there. It was across the street
from a restaurant called "Au Noir" where you are completely in the
dark all the time (I've read about it in magazines--no lights
whatsoever, and you actually experience what it's like to be blind.
Weird.) We were looking for a quick bite, so wandered the nearby
streets looking for something fast, cheap and good to eat.

So we waited in line for a long, long time (in a line that never
moved) at a Lebanese place for a sandwich. We finally got fed up and
walked to the other Lebanese place across the street and made it
through their line in about 5 minutes. Good sandwiches, too.

Anyway, the concert was wonderful, the band was great (Odjila I think
was their name), it wasn't too loud, hot, or smoky, the drinks were
decently priced, and we loved the atmosphere. The crowd was good,
too--very mellow and friendly. Felt like being back in college again.

We plan to go back. Dr. B says this is the Paris he was expecting.

Not me, but I liked it anyway, so it's all good.



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