Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Leg issues

Well, it happened again.

The old left leg injury issue reappeared.

The first time it happened in Paris I was picking up the girls from
school. It was raining, and I asked C if we could sit inside just
for a minute. She said we couldn't go back in.

The tears running down my cheeks convinced her that it would be OK to

We went in (me leaning heavily on C's shoulder), and I slowly,
gingerly moved my knee back and forth. Praying for it to stop
hurting so much. Took one of my "big pills" (migraine pain relievers).

And about 10 minutes later, *POP*!!! And it was fine.

Totally fine. No pain. Nada, zip.

Near as I can tell, my leg popped out of joint. Hurt like the
dickens, then popped back in.

This all stems from a (very stupid, lame and embarrassing) bowling
injury I sustained in March. Yes, bowling, and No, I don't want to
talk about how the heck I did that. Let's just say Mom's nickname
for me used to be "Klutzo Mutzo."

Anyway, it happened last night, but in an even stranger way.

I wasn't even standing. I was laying in bed, under the covers, and
went to move my leg sideways in order to stand up and go read the
clock, because I am quite blind without my contacts (which for some
reason are called "lentilles" in french--lentils?).

So I moved it sideways, about 6 inches, under a sheet, blanket and
the down comforter. And my leg popped out of joint.

I yelled REALLY LOUD for about 15 seconds.

Then, as soon as I could bear to move it, I tried to get it to pop back.

And it did, just like that.

Dr. B nagged, um I mean reminded me that I haven't been doing my
physical therapy exercises, and I need to strengthen my side leg
muscles, because walking everywhere over cobblestone is only
strengthening the front and back muscles.


So, tonight before dinner, we went over to Italie 2, the local Centre
Commercial (mall) to hit GO-Sport for some stretchy bands for me to
do my exercises. Unfortunately, I left the free ones in the garbage
in Wisconsin. (Shoulda known.)

And I have taken to going up the stairs sideways.

So if you see a blonde girl in Paris mounting stairs sideways, come
over and say, "Bonjour! Va-t-il comment ton genou?"



At 8:57 AM, October 20, 2005, Anonymous Rock said...

Ouch Ronica! I hope you are feeling better soon. With all the walking you are doing, I guess injuries will happen. Heck, I might walk on my treadmill 2 times a week and I still feel like an old maid! Even Goofy can sometimes still out-walk me :)


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