Monday, October 17, 2005

Washing Machine Problems: Officially NOT MY FAULT

Update: Re: 12-hour sock cycle

Just to let you know, for all who assumed I was hopeless, that we fixed the problem with our brand new washing machine.

I sat down and analyzed the book, with the use of a dictionary and the lovely translation site on Alta Vista (just to be sure)--it's in my links on this page if you want to play around with translating things into Dutch or Chinese or something.

Turns out, the guys from Darty didn't read it either.

The water exit hose was too low. That's it. It must be between 65 and 100 cm from the floor (ours was at 52), and when it was too low, for some reason, the machine got stuck on the last minute of certain cycles and just kept refilling and emptying for hours and hours and hours.


But fixed. Now all the cycles actually only take as long as they are supposed to take.

And I am officially not an idiot. Yay!



At 4:04 PM, October 17, 2005, Blogger MagE said...

And officially, the washing machine installer is an idiot..
oh smart one you!


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