Wednesday, November 23, 2005

First Care Package

Our first care package arrived from the states today, with some
presents for Christmas. (What can I say? My mother-in-law is really
on the ball!)

But included in the package, some of our (OK, my) favorites:

Cherry Chapstick (4 tubes!)
Real Qtips, with a mini lotion attached (to keep in my purse)
Puffs (I'll save these for when we have a nasty cold--they are sooooo
and (la pièce de résistance)....

Chippers!!! Yay!

(Chippers are Widman's Candies homemade specialty--ND rippled potato
chips covered in their homemade chocolate. Don't look at me like
that--they are REALLY GOOD.)

Wow! I also talked to my Dad and Pam last night, and word is, we've
got more cherry chapstick coming in a package from them.

I will be rolling in Cherry Chapstick!

Yipee! The Parisian Chapstick Queen, that's me!!! (Sorry, but the
Labello just wasn't cutting it. I gotta have my chapstick.)

My lips feel soooooooooo good. Mmmm. Cherry.



At 8:16 AM, November 23, 2005, Anonymous Rock said...

Crap, I bought you cherry chapstick too, but haven't sent it! Do you want it? Do you have other French friends that want it?? I don't even really like the cherry, myself.

At 11:47 AM, November 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've tasted the chippers and they are, unexpectedly, dee-lish!Glad you were able to celebrate the holiday with friends. vm

At 2:48 PM, November 23, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are off to Mpls today and Jon may acually leave work at 4 pm. Not a bad drive though so no problem. Celebrated Jenn's 31st b'day last night at her house. Got a cake and ordered from a great little sushi place here in town. Most of us had the habachi steak, shrimp or chicken and grilled veggies....except for Jai who LOVES sushi. Nice, crazy, wild night with all of us plus 6 wk old baby and toddler. Enjoyed our cake and coffee after they went to bed. Jakie had cake tho....He LOVESSSS birday cake!! Seemed funny getting a cake with only Jenn's name on used to the two girls(who were born on same day two yrs apart)celebrate their b'day together. I remember when they were little they started crying at Jeff's b'day party cuz they felt sorry for Todd....why wasn't he getting presents too??? they thought all brother and sisters shared b'days! Jenn Jai and two boys head up the road to celebrate with his folks and extended family. Should be an interesting trip with thelittle guys but thank goodness for the built in DVD! Hope you two have a wonderful wkend and we'll be thinking of you...Love Auntie B

At 4:24 AM, November 24, 2005, Blogger Léons Life said...

Chippers - Sound weird ,But I love chocolate and crisps, so this might be pretty yummy


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