Tuesday, November 08, 2005

He's Here!

Yay! The repairman showed up today (I don't know if my telephone call last night to remind him helped or hindered) but he was early, and he is working on our "store" (metal shade) and the "manivel" (handle). Hopefully it will soon be working.

Meanwhile, I am catching up on all the ironing I hadn't done because we didn't own an iron or ironing board (my Mom would have been so embarrassed that my husband was walking around in public with wrinkly shirts. Quel horreur!)
I bought an iron at Monoprix, and an ironing board at Tati, so now I guess I don't have any excuse. Rats.

Lucy has since become very irritated with the both of us (imagine--making noise at 10 AM. How could we do that to her?) She has moved in to the bathroom--the quietest room in our tiny place that has a soft rug for her to snuggle in on-- for her mid-morning nap. (To be followed by an early afternoon nap, a walk, a late afternoon nap, a walk, dinner, and bedtime.)

Such is life, in Paris, on a Tuesday morning in November.



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