Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our Apartment

Well, I am officially succumbing. Though I don't feel it's "ready" to be seen yet, I have posted pics of our apartment on Flickr. To see my current stash, click on the link under the Weather Pixies and the Clocks. I am still learning how to do this, so expect more later.

It's tiny, very tiny (27 meters squared--our whole apartment in Paris would fit in our Living Room in our apartment in Madison), but we like it. You have to be efficient when you don't have much space, so we are still working on it. In the works is some bookshelves (desperately needed), more hooks in the hall for coats, umbrellas, etc., paint (for some reason, paint is about 50 euros a gallon here--don't know why), and pictures for the wall. Also need a rug (the ceramic tile floor is a bit chilly on the tootsies.)

It's in a recent building, only 10 years old. This means, things work (like plumbing, electricity, elevator), it has a garbage chute (2 steps from our door, very handy), and is designed pretty well. In fact, our elevator actually fits up to 8 people! (I have been in a Parisian elevator where 3 people had to suck in their guts to fit, and furniture is moved in through the windows by cranes.) It also means it's not the charming, elegantly crumbling Parisian apartment you may be dreaming of, but it's clean, well-cared for and inexpensive. Plus, we didn't have to go through the hunt and trauma of finding a place, because Doc's boss's best friend was willing to rent to us on his boss's guarantee. Renting an apartment in France can be very traumatic--they want lots of proof that you'll pay, because during several months of the year, they cannot kick you out (by law.) There are whole buildings that are condemned that can't be razed because one family will not leave. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but that's France! We were very lucky to get help finding this place, and the location is incredible. We are a block from 3 metro lines, and within walking distance to just about everything we need. Being close to the Place d'Italie has been great--lots of shops and services in the area. A bit noisy at night, but well lit and close to 3 movie theaters (and close means 1 block away, here.)

Some have also asked for a pic of us. Since we don't want to look like geeky tourists with our camera everywhere we go, we haven't done much of that. When you come visit, you can take those for us, OK? But here's one of us tonight; we're alive, well and living in Paris.



At 10:02 AM, November 02, 2005, Blogger MagE said...

You look marvelous dahlings! and R, does Paris make your hair grow faster? Too bad Casey can't fly over for a quick trim, eh? Ah well, you will have to find a french Casey.
Good to see you both happy and healthy. ( i know you tell us - but its nice to see the pics too.)

At 2:24 PM, November 02, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there R & J,
Have been enjoying reading about your experiences.Feeling very envious, but so happy for you.Your apt looks great and typically European.So glad you are taking advantage of all that is beautiful in such a wonderful city.Jealous in Carlisle, Ontario, Cda...Auntie V.


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