Tuesday, December 13, 2005

La Poste and the mailing of the gifts

Well, it's a lean Christmas at the B household--post-docs don't pay extremely well, we had to move to another country and buy furniture and all the other stuff that entails, and I can't legally work as a band director here, so things are tighter than we'd prefer. But, we live in France and can eat Brillat-Savarin cheese every day, so life's not all bad.

Today, I headed to the post office to mail the few, small gifts I was sending back to the states. I was really careful to buy tiny, light things, and not much (and to forewarn the family not to expect big french surprises--cause there ain't gonna be any). The postal worker was very kind and helpful, and really made my job quite easy.

That is, until she gave me the total.

100 euros and 65 centimes.


But, I did get 3 pocket Saint Day calendars, and a red tea light holder with a candle in it, "comme cadeau".

I don't ever remember getting a gift from the US post office.

But then again, I never mailed 4 tiny packages and had it come to $120 either.



At 2:11 PM, December 13, 2005, Blogger Chelee said...


At 3:43 AM, December 14, 2005, Blogger Karina said...

you should try buying their prepaid box. the big one is 34E and you can fill it as heavy as you want!!
i just send 1 box to one person and then have them distribute the gifts out. it is a lot easier and cheaper!
just an idea... ;)

At 5:58 AM, December 14, 2005, Anonymous irene said...

I know, I know. I have like 10 big enveloppes to send and I am scared. I am scared I'm going to spend more than I actually spent for the gifts...

At 9:10 AM, December 14, 2005, Blogger ~steph~ said...

Post some pics of the xmas decorations around city! Mom took some awesome pics when she was there last year at this time!

At 7:07 AM, December 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather forfeit the free gift and pay less!

At 5:59 PM, December 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always lived away from family (in another country) and have always had to pay A LOT for postage at Christmas. But, if you want to send to loved ones, that's what you have to do! Today, with the internet, it is so easy to order and have gifts or gift cards mailed directly to the recipient. Hence, you avoid having to pay more for postage than the actual cost of the gift.


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