Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Excerpt from a Letter to my KNOTs Paris Friends

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to let you know what a sweetie my husband is.

He spent yesterday at home (on his last day of vacation) while I babysat all day. He dealt with the plumber (Jeff was really scared that the plumber would say something important--in French-- and he wouldn't know what he said), walking Lucy, cleaning up some, buying groceries for dinner, and just basically being lonely and bored and banging away on his computer all day.

He ended by calling his Dad upset because he was freaking out.

And when I came home, he made dinner, did dishes for me, and took me to a movie. Because I was the 'working girl'.

And he said now he understands how lonely and scared and bored and anxiety-filled you can get when you are alone without a real, tangible purpose in a foreign country.

And he promises not to be such a jerk and not to complain so much.

But here's the part you'll like--he said, "I wanted to call friends. I wanted just to shoot the breeze with someone. I was so lonely. NOW I really understand why KNOTs is so important to you! Thank God you have those guys--they really must save you!"

Thanks, Saviors. You do.


And thanks, as well, to you readers out there. Your support and encouragement and comments keep me going, too.

Because, even when I am feeling kind of worthless, I know you are out there.



And waiting for the next post.

PS Sorry this is a bit redundant.



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