Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Your Element is Fire

Your power color: red

Your energy: hot

Your season: spring

Like a fire, you are full of power and light.
A born leader, you easily draw people toward you.
You are full of courage and usually up for anything dangerous.
You have a huge ego and love to be the center of attention.

What? Who me? Center of attention?

Band Director (the one they all have to watch)
Blogger (puttin' myself out there for the world to read)

Hmm... I guess so.

O well. I am a Leo, after all.



At 5:03 PM, January 24, 2006, Blogger MagE said...

Ha! I am metal...
not too glam...but my power colors are white, gold and silver (odd, for metal...
my season is fall... true... I am persistent and stubborn... and I have a lot of strength... and I tend to analyze everything...
interestingly enough... dat is true...what do you think Mrs. B?
dagnabit... now I am going to have to sit in traffic for eons... due to professional sporting events that occuring in the oh so fabulous twin cities... ah well...

At 9:59 PM, January 24, 2006, Blogger Chelee said...

I was fire too!

Aries, go figure...(-:

At 3:16 AM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Samantha said...

The twin cities ARE fabulous, if I had to live in any city in the world, that'd be it!

Mine was earth, which makes sense since I'm a cancer!

At 12:48 PM, January 25, 2006, Blogger Kat said...

I normally look horrid in yellow, but I like everything else about my description :)
Love the new template, Mrs. B!!
***Your Element is Earth***
Your power color: yellow

Your energy: balancing

Your season: changing of seasons

Dedicated and responsible, you are a rock to your friends.
You are skilled at working out even the most difficult problems.
Low key and calm, you are happiest when you are around loved ones.
Ambitious and goal oriented, you have long term plans to be successful.


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