Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Spent the evening with friends, always a good way to start a new year.

Water heater was fixed on Monday. Dr. B spent the day at home while I worked, so now he can appreciate how lonely it can be when you are at home. He dealt with the plumber. His french is much worse than mine, so he was very nervous about this, but found that French plumbers, like American plumbers, don't say much. He was quite relieved. After taking Lucy for a very long walk, he made dinner for me, did the dishes and we went to the Narnia movie after supper. I got lots more hugs, and "I'm sorry for being cranky; it's not easy staying at home either."

Today, I slept in. Am blogging. Planning on mopping the floor and taking a hot shower.

But, I feel compelled to make a resolution.

My last few have been actually pretty enjoyable. I don't resolve anything unreasonable, like to do aerobics every day or lose 30 pounds or save a third world country from a dictator. If I'm going to make a promise, it should at least be doable, and by doable, I mean something that I will enjoy doing.

2003 I resolved to eat more fish.
(Even once more in a year is more, right? I do like fish. I had fish twice in Germany, and there is some smoked trout in our fridge as we speak.)

2004 I resolved to wear skirts more often.
Because I enjoy wearing them (though pants are so easy.) Speaking of which, maybe I should wear a skirt today?

2005 I resolved to eat more salad.
Again, not bad to keep. We had salad with dinner last night, so I am still holding to that one.

So this year, 2006, I resolve to call my friends and family on the phone more often.

That will be a pleasure to keep.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

PS I got the photo from Eric, who does a really cool website called Paris Daily Photo that shows a picture from Paris every day. He doesn't live near me, so I often see new things through his eyes! Enjoy!



At 8:13 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger ViVi said...

Happy New Year to you and Dr. B! I hate that your return to Paris was such an enormous pain in the butt. At least you can laugh about it now, right?

Um... right? ;)

At 8:36 AM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous Niki said...


You need to get Skype.

Then you can talk via the internet for free.


At 8:59 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger La Rêveuse said...

Vivi--yep. Am laughing now. Am also fed and had a hot shower, so that makes a difference! :)

Niki--already paid for unlimited calls to the US from here--it was a package, so it's all good. (Already paid for!) It works out, because parents can use email, but anything more challenging would not be happening. (We actually heard this about 6 months ago. "Ok, so Dad, open a window." Long pause. "Window? What's a window?") They need phones, and we consider them to be quite techno-savvy because they have cordless ones. ;)

The main problem is the time difference--5 PM there is midnight here. Grah.

At 12:56 PM, January 04, 2006, Blogger ~steph~ said...


Sounds like you had a fun time in Germany. I had a fun time NYE (see my blog for good pics!). Talked to Nanny and she said she had a really good time with the Rices...glad she is going to Naples for February...good to get out of the cold!
Keep posting,


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