Monday, January 23, 2006

Post Office

Remember when I mailed our Xmas gifts, way back in December? Before Christmas? (I think around 8 or 9 days before.)

Well, the last one arrived.


Yeah, a whole MONTH later, when they said around 10 days.

Boy, it's a good thing I spent 100 euros to do that.




At 11:22 AM, January 23, 2006, Blogger ViVi said...

If it makes you feel any better, my sister sent me a box two weeks before Christmas and it still hasn't arrived!

At 1:48 PM, January 23, 2006, Blogger kylie said...

count your blessings. at least it GOT there. :)

At 3:10 PM, January 23, 2006, Blogger ~steph~ said...

Our Canada Post advises that for "international" letters & parcels to send them By Dec 1 in order for them to get to the destination by Xmas...Probably should have mailed your gifts early December or late November. :)


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