Friday, January 13, 2006

Tagged! Bad Habits of Mrs. B

OK, it's my first time. I admit it. I've been tagged, by Sammy, to do the "Bad Habits" meme. So, in all their glory, here they are:

1. Sometimes (never in public) I pick my nose. I hate when it's crusty in there. I always wash my hands, though.

2. I also blow my nose really, really loudly. You don't get the good stuff out, unless you blow hard!!! I scared the daylights out of my in-laws the first time they heard me do it. (I tried to be polite by going in the bathroom, but the loud elephant trumpeting sound carries, unfortunately.)

3. I am an obsessive ear-cleaner. I must do it daily. And I always check the Qtip for brains.

4. My husband says I have the habit of "loud hacking"--sort of a cough thing that I do to clear my throat. My mom was a smoker, so he thinks I learned it from her, though I've never smoked a thing in my life (except for some cookies that were in the oven the time I forgot to set the timer. We tried them, but "smoked chocolate chip cookies"=not so good.) I especially do this when brushing my teeth--it pretty much sounds like I tried to swallow the toothbrush, and gagged on it. It's horrible, I know.

5. I check my email too often. Especially when I know I am migraine-prone, because any minute I could be unable to peer at the little screen, and what if someone needs me? (Yes, I know, I know. It probably triggers the migraine more to stare at the screen, but the compulsion to do it is just too great.)

6. If the shoes are cute and fit and on sale, I buy them. Even if they are 3.5 inch heels that I can only wear when I am going to be sitting a lot. Then, I plan my whole outfit around which shoes I want to wear, including changing my toenail polish if needed. (Paris has nearly cured me of this, due to the cement, cobblestones, and lack of money. But I dream of DSW's clearance section on a regular basis.)

7. When I eat ice cream with a spoon, I take too much and then suck a little off the spoon each time it goes in my mouth, leaving a smooth lump of ice cream on the spoon. My mom thought this was so gross and always yelled at me, but I still do it, 25 years later.

8. And, according to C, whenever I don't understand what they just said to me in french, I say, "D'accord." (OK) Although I've been working to change this to "Je ne comprends pas." (I don't understand.) I find they get less frustrated when I actually do know what they just said to me.

Update: and rather telling...
9. I am always late. (Of course, I didn't think of this until an hour later. *Smacks Forehead*) I was even born late (by 24 days. They were prepping my mom for a C-section when I finally got around to showing up.) Not such a great thing for a musician, but my entrances in music are always on time. Well, usually.

So there they are. Now, I wanna know, what are yours?

I am talking to you, Flare, Aussielass, Sarah, Irène, Andie, Kylie, Bohemian Mama (who hasn't posted in a while, Steph and Jen. Tag! You're it!

Mooo hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Soon, I will know all their secrets. Then, Pinky, we will take over the world!!!



At 3:35 PM, January 15, 2006, Blogger Sammy said...

Secret: I pick my nose too Mrs. B.

Gross, eh?

At 5:06 PM, January 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously believe the loud trumpeting nose blowing thing must run in our family. D and I both do the same thing, and it drives my hubby crazy when he hears me. He's always wondering how in the world I can make so much noise when I blow my nose, as his is just a pretty silent shushing noise... but that's the way I was put together I guess, must come from the Borgen side.
Love from your Cuz in ND


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