Saturday, March 11, 2006

Les Puces de Saint Ouen (in numbers)

3 metro lines (6, 14, 13)
888 billion things to see
27 beads from 5,000 years ago (for less than 1,000 euros!)
XVIII century furniture
1960's vintage clothing
1920's Vogue magazines
1 Moulin Rouge poster purchased (reproduction--hers)
1 Empire era green metal bathtub
3 degrees, with wind and intermittent rain
2 hot chocolates
1 gateau au chocolat avec crème anglaise (and little sprinkles!), with two spoons
1 café bartender
    (bartender) I like mathematics, but not new math. I like the old math.
    (other patron) Old math, huh? What's 2+2?
    (bartender) Twenty-two.
    (Me) I hope you're not writing up our bill!

4 dog petting sessions (Pug, Pomeranian, King Charles Spaniel, Yellow Lab)
87 "I wish I was rich and could buy that."
48x72 inches converted to centimeters
2 tablecloths with napkins sets I really loved but couldn't afford
7 hand-embroidered tea napkins in linen with hand-made lace I could afford!
346 young teenage hangers-out
1 black knit hat bought because her head was cold (3 euros)
14 kilometers of walking (well, it felt that far!)
1 memorial to the Jews of the town killed by the Nazis
1 old, soot-covered church
3 metro lines (13, 14, 6)
2 exhausted sisters
2 cups of tea, with honey
1 loaf of bread from the good baker at the street market yesterday (a Forestier)
1 knife
1 jar of Nutella
1 nap (hers)
1 blog entry

Saturday, March 11th of 2006, in Paris.



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