Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Quest

A few years ago, I found it. The perfect lipstick. The color was exactly right--a neutral tone that basically was just the color of my lips only darker. It went with everything: jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters, dresses, work suits, swimsuits, workout wear-- you name it. The consistency was just right, with decent staying power, moisturizing, and not sparkly, shimmery or chalky matte. And it didn't stink. I hate stinky lipstick.

And then...they discontinued it.

I managed to squirrel away a few tubes, but have been looking for its equal for a long time. I've bought others, but none have been "just right."

Until Tuesday. I found it. At Sephora, in Paris (the one right by my apartment) I found Bourjois brand lipstick in just the right color. The consistency, the not-stinkiness, the staying power--it was all there, and they even had a built-in mirror on the end of the cap (to check your teeth for smudges)! Whoopee! Bourjois, from what I understand, is made by Chanel, but the lipsticks are half the price of the ritzy version. I was so happy!

Then I came home and tried it on my lips, instead of my hand. And found out, of course (thank you very much Murphy--I had no idea your law applied to lipstick, too), that I am allergic to it.


On the bright side, I did score a few samples. I have the allergy excuse, so I ask for samples all the time, and don't feel guilty about it. In France, they don't have the little champagne glasses of coffee beans sitting around to "clear your nose" between perfume sniffs anyway, so it can get a bit overwhelming, especially when combined with the fact that their carpet has soaked up every spritz ever sprayed there, of hundreds of different scents. After trying two yourself, you really can't smell much, so unless you plan on going there every day, you need to take samples with you, because spritzing it on a little strip of paper just doesn't cut it.

I asked for a sample of the new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, Édition Fleur de la Passion of In Love Again, in a lovely heart-shaped bottle. The saleslady didn't say anything, but came out from behind the counter. She headed to the women's perfume wall, opened a drawer, and took out a little bottle, with no cardboard covering.YSL

Hmm... I thought. I guess she doesn't have any samples of that one. That's too bad.

She then went over to the YSL section, picked up the bottle and filled my little sample bottle with several sprays from the tester bottle. She capped it, handed it to me, smiled and wished me a good day.

I had no idea they could do that. Génial! (From what I can tell, that seems to be French for 'Awesome!') Though they likely won't accept the lipstick as a return, this one little bit of customer service has definitely won me over.

Make your own samples...Who knew?



At 5:10 AM, March 02, 2006, Blogger Pam said...

Bummer about the lipstick! Argh!

I'm from MN too! Arrived here August '05...enjoying your blog very much!!!

At 8:17 PM, March 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems you just find something you like and they discontinue it....Love the coffee beans in the perfume dept....even have this in Fargo.....nice to have it available......B

At 4:59 PM, March 07, 2006, Anonymous The Bold Soul said...

Oh my God, they have Sephora in Paris too? That is VERY good news... I just love that store and drive 50 minutes from my home in New Jersey to the nearest upscale mall to get my Bare Escentuals makeup there. It's good to know I won't have to do without my "fix" of Sephora in Paris when I get there.


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