Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Silly Spring

Though the icy temperatures, pervasive rain, and cloudy skies deny it, Spring is on its way. Crocuses are thrusting their heads north of la terre, and bright colors are appearing in shop windows, and wound around the necks of Parisiennes, because, although lighter apparel is still too cold to even attempt, a lively scarf is a cheerful thing to see.

My girls, P and C, are cheerful, happy, and a little bit silly. They come up with new games to play, and giggle whenever I look them in the eyes. It is a welcome sound after the arguments and whining of the cold winter months.

Yesterday, just as I left, I said, "À demain," (Until tomorrow) to them, as I do every day.

P looked at me. As she kissed me on both cheeks, she said, "À champignon!" (Until mushroom!)

Today, when I bent to give them our goodbye bises (kisses), I said, "À champignon!"

She answered with, "À LaFayette!"

I can't wait to hear what she will come up with tomorrow.



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