Saturday, April 01, 2006


One of my favorite things from this trip was visiting the castle of Anne de Bretagne. She was a duchess of Brittany who married 2 French Kings, and was also the Queen of France. She only lived to be 37 years old--5 years older than I am.

Unfortunately, we arrived during the period when they are making extensive repairs, refurbishments, and working on creating a museum inside the castle which will display the history of Nantes. That means we didn't get to go in. But, I took about a billion photos of the castle, and enjoyed daydreaming about what life would have been like in the Middle Ages, when this castle was the stronghold for the area. You can see lots of these photos on Flickr. I especially enjoyed the gargoyles, arrow slits and the turrets--like a fairy-tale come true.

Yeah, I am totally one of those Ren-fest geeks (and my favorite reading is currently historical fiction set in the Middle Ages and Renaissance) and if PBS/BBC did a Medieval House (like their 1900 house, Manor House, Frontier House, etc.) I would totally apply. (All I ask is that they let me take my Zomig and migraine pain killers with me into the past. I'm not too keen on leeches.)



At 5:15 PM, April 01, 2006, Blogger Chelee said...

That would have been amazing to have toured the castle.

I'm with you, I'm a total one of those Ren-fest geeks too. Hey, if you apply for Medieval house I want to try out too (-:


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