Saturday, April 01, 2006

Springtime in France: it's Official

The crocuses are up, the daffodils and irises blooming. City workers are busy planting colorful flowers in the flower beds surrounding the Place. Fruit trees are in full bloom, and there is a shower of apple blossom petals on the ground. The grass is growing brighter and greener every day, and the tree outside our window has leaf buds on the tips of the branches. (We are hoping that the plastic bag trapped in one of the upper sections of said tree will soon be hidden by leaves. We also hope that whatever sort of frightening ecosystem is growing inside said bag will not fall on our heads as we walk out the door.)

And my eyes, itchy, stinging and watery, have refused admittance to contact lenses. (Thank heavens for Claritin.)

But now I do really regret choosing my frames after the doctor put in those drops that dilate your eyes for hours (mine stayed that way for several days.) I wish I had lots of money for cool new European frames.




At 5:24 PM, April 01, 2006, Blogger Chelee said...

Doesn't that stink when they dialate your eyes then expect you to go pick out frames that your likely to have for at least two year because really, who has the money for multiple frames and if you do, you know your going to get the prescription sunglasses.(-:


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