Thursday, July 13, 2006


I don't have ads on my blog, aside from some plugs for my super-talented relatives, and some links to books I like (not because I'm trying to help Amazon, just so you can read up about it if you want. I prefer the library!) But, my google mail account comes with them, though they are just little text ads and I don't even see them. Usually, I read my mail through a mail client, but that's been wonky lately, so I checked it online this evening. And what did I see?

My "spam" email box. Note the advertisement at the top. A link to a "French-Fry Spam Casserole". Now that's what I call targeted advertisement! I think they need to work a little harder on those special computer programs that create these ads. Hopefully it was meant to be ironic.




At 3:38 AM, July 14, 2006, Anonymous kim said...

I'm pretty sure they do it on purpose, since on the right hand side of that bar it always says "spam recipes." I've had spam fajitas, spam linguini, etc. Personally, I dig it (well, to see in my box, not to eat!).


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