Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ratatouille (cha cha cha)

They made a movie about my life...

...well, sorta. I love cheese, and I live in Paris, and I'm poor. Pretty close, huh?

I can't wait to see this, though it doesn't come out until we'll be long back stateside.

I'm nostalgic for Paris already, and I haven't even left yet. Sigh.

Note: When I first watched this, I saw the bell-shaped cheese, and thought, "that must be a chèvre,". Since I couldn't quite "get" all the cheese names from Monsieur Faux-Français, I went to the French version of this trailer. I understood every word perfectly in French. I guess I pass the test.

And it is a chèvre (goat's milk cheese). The round one is a brebis (sheep's milk cheese). I honestly don't know what it is that Ratatouille is eating, but if it's a Mimolette extra-vielle, I totally understand.



At 10:16 PM, August 08, 2006, Anonymous The Bold Soul said...

Oh, that is too cute! I may have to go and see that one.

At 8:38 AM, August 09, 2006, Blogger Strwberrydelight said...

Isn't there a children's book about a goat or a similar beast that won't eat junk like its family does and they try to hide string in plates of spaghetti and boot leather in a hamburger? I can't remember the name or the character but I remember the plot! Any ideas?!

At 10:54 PM, August 10, 2006, Anonymous ladyjicky said...

Very cute Mrs B. I must say, I shall miss your reports from Paris. I sort of felt I was back there reading your blog which I have just found!
Can't you stay?????? LOL

At 10:36 AM, August 22, 2006, Anonymous achevres said...

I can't wait for this movie. Thanks for posting the link. I live in suburban Philadelphia and just substitute New York for Paris and I think I have said Ratatouille's exact words.


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