Sunday, December 10, 2006

Moving Day

I've got tons to do, and am at the last day of my medical leave, so (of course) instead of carefully planning my next two weeks, I have been working on my new blog. Heaven forbid we should waste productivity on things that need to be done, n'est-ce pas?

Mrs. B isn't in Paris anymore, and I figured it was about time for a change. With help from Dr. B who helped with the design of all the lovely graphics (yes, he is responsible for the well-endowed caricature), I have now moved over here. I'll leave Mrs. B where she is (I'd hate for a bot to get her), but new thoughts and ideas will take place in the clouds. By the way, those are Parisian clouds, too.

And (drumroll, please) to the first person who comments with where the name of my new blog came from (and it must be accurate, mind you), I will send you the wonderful, fabulous, stupendous (ie free) prize of my mom's easy and delicious norwegian meatball recipe (the ones people bring up every time they see me because they really are that good) AND my favorite triple-fudge so good you may get marriage proposals brownie recipe (I didn't write it, so I'm not bragging or anything.)

Come on over, fellow dreamers! The water's fine!



At 7:32 AM, December 11, 2006, Blogger ladykatya said...

"the dreamers and me"

From 'The Rainbow Connection' Kermit the Frog... :)


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