Tuesday, June 12, 2007

our new family!

our new family!
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She's here, after 29 hours of labor. Long story, and I don't have the energy to write it now, but know that she's beautiful, and perfect, and has a heck of a set of lungs on her! (I just wish she didn't like to give us a concert every morning from 2-5.)

Rowan Amelia

born June 9, 2007; 8:03 AM

7 lbs. 5 oz., 19.5 inches long

Light brown hair, great big eyes, and she smells like a sugar cookie.

We love her so very much.

More later, when we've recovered a bit...

More pictures on my flickr page, and more to come.

Oh, and if you've tried to call, sorry--I don't often get a chance to answer the phone. When she's not eating, awake or screaming, I'm doing my very best to sleep. It doesn't always work, but I'm trying. I would love to hear from you soon, but will need a little time to adjust.



At 2:04 AM, June 13, 2007, Blogger kylie said...

hello rowan! congrats! congrats! congrats, mum & dad!

At 5:30 PM, April 21, 2010, Anonymous Sab said...

Just become a dad again myself, so know what you're going through. Although my partner knows better than I do - lazy dad!


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